1st Day Fun

Today was our first “official” day of vacation. Like, we would’ve had Saturday and Sunday off anyway, so Monday would be the actual vacation! Like I mentioned before, we really don’t have any actual plans. Today was the day we tackled a few of the things we actually wanted to do, which means the rest of our week is seriously open. Tomorrow will probably be a swim, lounge, read, watch a movie day.

Today, we slept in. 9 hours of sleep. We were out. Like, we slept 2 hours past our alarm.
But that’s okay because we were up in enough time to get ready for the day, eat some breakfast, and head to the IMAX theater about 40 minutes away and catch the first IMAX 3D show of The Amazing Spider-Man. I will say, I liked it. The 3D was well-done, I have a massive crush on Andrew Garfield, and Emma Stone has poreless, perfect skin. Thank God we enjoyed ourselves.
It cost 31 bucks just to see a damn movie. Two of us. At a matinee. YEESH.

How funny are the IMAX 3D glasses? We look like we should be going skiing.

Next, we headed to the bookstore and the mall for a bit of shopping. Couldn’t be done without the aid of a refreshing, cold coffee beverage.


I got a yummy Almond iced coffee, and Brad got a S’mores frappe.

We headed to the casino for a teensy bit of gambling before dinner. The plan was to gamble 20 bucks a piece on the penny slots, but we always lose control (and we always lose each other, parting ways to feel out the machines). 20 turned into 50 very quickly (spending, not winning) and I was getting pretty discouraged. Until I sat down at this Wizard of Oz game, and before ya know it, I was coming out with a couple hundred bucks! This happened to me last vacation, too, which I’m extremely grateful for. I don’t have much money in general, let alone for vacation dilly-dallying. I’m glad I have a little extra spending money, or saving money, even.


We ended the evening with an enormous, delicious dinner and a couple of glasses of wine at one of my favorite restaurants in the area. You can’t go hungry. Every entrée comes with a salad bar, a cup of soup, bread, veggies to share, a potato or pasta, and dessert! The prices are amazing and the service is excellent. I’m glad Brad’s mom gave us a Restaurants.com gift certificate.

All in all, it was an excellent day, vacation or not. I can’t see what tomorrow brings.

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