Dinner Last Night: Turkey Tacos and Tornado Warnings


My sister had a bit of a tough week, so I decided to let her choose what we’d be having for dinner last night. I don’t even know why I bothered, because I knew it would be tacos. Don’t get me wrong, I love making (and eating) tacos, but I’ve been having fun coming up with things from scratch. I suppose I could make tacos from scratch but…those boxes are so damn easy!!!

I did take it upon myself to add my own little twists and turns to the meal. For starters, I got ground turkey instead of beef or chicken. I make sure to get 2 lbs of whatever meat I’m using, and two boxes of the dinner. We are big eaters at the house. I got both hard and soft shells. I decided to get some refried beans and create a “double decker” taco like they have at Taco Bell. Refried beans are spread on a soft shell and you wrap that around your hard shell filled with whatever the heck you want. I also made another batch of guacamole. I’m getting pretty good at it, and it’s incredibly tasty. I also bought a Rice Side of Mexican rice and added black beans to it for a side.
I try to make sure no one goes hungry. And I think I done good.


As for the tornado warning…we were hit with a pretty bad storm in NEPA. We don’t get tornados around here really, so the warning was scary. I always stop at the grocery store after work to pick up my dinner ingredients on Thursdays. The skies were still clear, not as foreboding as it would become. My mom and sister kept calling, though, and insisting I’d get home as soon as possible. I really wanted to pick up some
Bud Light Lime to drink while I cooked/ate, and the bummer is none of our grocery stores have little beer sections like they do in Kingston/Wilkes-Barre area. I was prepared to cut my losses, since my family wanted me home in order to miss the storm, but I realized I would be passing a beer distributer. I decided to duck in, grab what I wanted, and leave.

The only problem was, that’s when the storm decided to start. As the woman behind the counter was ringing up my purchase, a massive gust of wind blew both the entrance and exit doors open, and fliers and signs flew everywhere. They wouldn’t close on their own. So the other shoppers helped close the doors before everything got whipped and wet and the woman locked the doors. Just because I needed beer so bad, I ended up getting locked in a beer store with a bunch of strangers for about 10 minutes, waiting for the storm to calm down. Once I was finally able to leave, it was still torrential, but the wind had calmed down. As I was driving, I passed so many branches and bunches of the trees that had come down on the road and nearly hydroplane on rushing water and puddles. It was scary, but I think the beer store kind of saved my life. What’s to say I wouldn’t have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, getting my car whipped around and hit with tree branches? It’s silly, but my craving for a crappy beer kept me out of danger? Though being locked in a store wasn’t exactly…comfortable.


Needless to say, my family was a little scared.
But once I came home with the beer, everyone took one and we were happy to be home together, safe and sound.

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