Making Me Happy Right Now…


Yummy flavored iced coffees. (Toasted Marshmallow? Almond? Tiramisu? Bring it on!!)
Laughing until I’m in pain, crying, coughing.
Ice Cream sundaes with pretzel sticks. BRILLIANT.
Always having a stack of books so that I never go long without something to read.
Silly nicknames for all my friends.
Using a terrible British accent 90% of the time I talk (I’m just so addicted to Misfits).
Mexican food! ALL THE TIME. On Thursday, I had it for dinner. And then I had it for every meal on Friday. And I made my own guacamole last night. I just crave it constantly.
Pandora’s Chillwave station. Perfect summer jams for lazy nights on porches.
Buying people presents and treats…even though I don’t have much money to do it.
Cooking. It’s becoming a more comfortable thing for me. I’ve strayed from recipes more, trying my own thing. Picking pieces of recipes I like and adding or subtracting to make it my own. And how that little mess in the picture above made something amazing.

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