A List of Favorites: Redux



Once upon a time, I followed in the footsteps of another blogger and posted a list of little favorite things at the moment. That same blogger went ahead and did it again two years later, to see if anything had changed. So I figured I’d be a copycat once again and test myself as well…

My favorite letter is (still) M.
My favorite numbers are 27 & (still) 19.
My favorite color is every color mustard.
My favorite flowers are lilies not flowers, but succulents.
My favorite place is (still) wherever I am when the sun is shining and I’m surrounded by people I love and everything feels right.
My favorite animals are (still) elephants.
My favorite smell is cinnamon and baked goods coffee.
My favorite season is summer late summer-early fall.
My favorite food is mostly from the Chinese buffet Szechwan-style green beans and tacos. 
My favorite show is Misfits (though I still love all the others I listed).
My favorite candies are Swedish Fish and Lindor Truffles.
My favorite movie is Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Or Black Swan. 
My favorite time is 5:19 4:40 PM (5:40 PM on Fridays).
My favorite bands are Radiohead and Minus the Bear (I don’t even listen to Kings of Leon anymore).
My favorite drink is ice cold water or an Arnold Palmer.
My favorite book (currently) is Looking for Alaska by John Green. (I started obsessively reading.) 
My favorite word is bodega.
My favorite thing is love.

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