I wasn’t very creative with dinner last night. But then again, tacos are always a good choice. I go the easy route and use the Old El Paso box. Maybe one day I’ll try something different. But gee, it’s just so tasty and easy!
My family really likes tacos, too, so instead of following the directions of one box, I got a box with two dinners in it and bought over 2 lbs of meat. I am so glad I did that. We are little piggies who can’t keep away from yummy tacos!

This week has been a little mind-bending. Because I had Monday off, I can’t believe it’s already Friday. I was completely confused about the days. I work tomorrow, which is never really fun (and I work next week, bah), but I always make do. As of right now, I have dinner date plans with my friend, Lauren, and I’m super excited to try a restaurant I haven’t been to yet. Aside from that, my little weekend is free.
I’m ready for more relaxation.

Have a good one, whatever you do!

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