Etsy Lust List

The more I look at Etsy, the bigger my list of favorites grows. It’s outstanding that I’ve been able to keep myself restrained. There are so many things I would love to have, but I usually end up admiring from a far and hoping to come up with some extra cash.
Here are the things I’m loving lately.


bzr Ombre tights from BZRshop. These are unfortunately sold out already.


Gunmetal Harness Bracelet from Last Caress


Triangle Earrings from Sewing & Mischief Gems (I’m trying to wear earrings again. THESE ARE INSANE. Love.)


Beaded Silver Arrow Necklace from Roots & Feathers (I’m obsessed with bows and arrows thanks to the Hunger Games).


I could go on. As always, click the photos for a direct link to the item!

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