Sometimes, the weekdays just go soooo slow. It sucks, looking forward to the weekend. Shouldn’t we love and live for everyday?
It’s kind of hard to do, especially when everything feels sort of dead-end.
But let’s not forget, it’s the little things that make each day special.
Here are some things that help me through the days and make them worthwhile.

Soothing music (I prefer Bon Iver or Tycho) for the commute.
A book to read. If anything, this job has renewed my passion for reading.
Comfort food for lunch. (I must have greek yogurt with granola everyday.)
My 1 PM, pick-me-up cup of coffee.
Fresh air. As long as it isn’t raining, I go for walks around the neighborhood during breaks.
Silly text messages to my boy and my friends.

Holga photo taken by me, 2010.

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