The Weekend

Working on Saturdays cuts into my weekend. I can still enjoy myself a little on Fridays, but I still have to wake up early the next morning. No late nights, no sleeping in. I end up coming home, eating something, and promptly napping. Napping has quickly become my favorite thing.
I still managed to have an excellent time. Late night dinner and beer with Lady J (I dunno, Jenna, I felt like calling you that) and a Thai dinner date with my girl Lauren, topped off with drinks at the casino with my favorite people.
So yeah…’twas good.




The highlight was my first meal at Thai Thai (cheesy website!), which was actually my first experience with Thai food in general. I went with the classic Pad Thai (Chicken, as I’m allergic to shellfish). I enjoyed every bite, but I had a lot left over. We always started off the meal with some crispy Thai rolls, and I definitely could’ve gorged on a few more plates of that.
I actually loved the fact that the restaurant is BYOB. I stopped at the wine and spirits store and picked up Cupcake Vineyards’ Chardonnay.
We definitely finished the bottle.

To a great week!

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