Nails and Ales

Time for Round 4 of Nails and Ales. It’s been a while, I apologize! I’ve been on a wine kick for a while. I’ve also found myself relying on the trustworthy and dependable cheap beers that are usually available to me. However, I have here 4 different drinks (with a bonus for fun) and nail art designs to share with you today!


Sapporo is a very enjoyable beer. I save this for trips to the Hibachi. Mix that in with the occasional squirt of sake and you’re in for a real (sloppy) treat. The large can seems never ending, but it’s a clean, crisp taste that doesn’t intrude with all the food and flavors you experience when at a Hibachi restaurant.
Nail Polish: I used too many here to remember. These were done using the Cute Polish Galaxy Nails tutorial.


The weekend I had this Immort Ale, I had made my own 6 pack at a local deli. I tried 5 completely different kinds of beers and all of them were equally enjoyable. I decided to share this one with you, because it was the most memorable.
I know this picture is kind of blurry, but if you can make it out, the ingredients are (as always with Dogfish Head) delicious! However, it being 11% ABV, it had a sting to it within the first sip. That’s the booze, baby! But once that first sip went down, it was easy going from there.
I could honestly probably only ever handle one of these, and it’s a good thing that’s all I had. I went into hot flash mode. For a moment, I thought I was becoming immortal. Dogfish Head, I LOVE THEE!
Nails: OPI’s A-Taupe the Space Needle with Warm and Fozzie accented on my pointer and middle fingers.


Oh, Woodchuck. My love. This is the Summer cider, and it’s delicious. But that was to be expected. The only one I didn’t really care for was Spring, and I had that on tap, so I don’t think it had the right fizz to it. Anyway, this is a crisp and delicious, light and tasty cider that will be good for the summer months.
Nails: This was a failed attempt at Ikat nails, but I kept them anyways. OPI’s Jade is the New Black, Sally Hansen’s White On and Black Nail Art Pen, with Wet and Wild’s How I Met Your Magenta.


I am not above cheap beer. I will always enjoy Lionshead (our favorite local lager) and PBR pounders. I always see this next to the PBR and I liked the can. It was 6 dollars for a 6-pack, so I couldn’t say no to a simple lager. Nothing special, but I’d drink it again.
Nails: My new favorite nail polish, China Glaze’s For Audrey and Essie’s Luxeffects Shine of the Times on top.




The same weekend I made my own 6-pack that housed the Immort Ale, I found this Belgian-Style Cider from Woodchuck. It was my first time purchasing one of their Private Reserve ciders. This was tasty. It was similar to a Belgium-Style beer, cloudy and orange-y, with that sweet cider kick. I really enjoyed this. It was way better than the Spring cider, and more appropriate too!
I don’t even know if they have it anywhere anymore. I made sure to scoop up a couple 6-packs. But of course I finished it. OOPS!

‘Til next time…

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