Dinner Last Night: Chicken Parmigiano


Apologies for the not-so-focused photo.

I decided to try a chicken parmigiano last night. This marked another first for me: frying! I’ve never fried anything before, but it was easy and fun! I got the chicken tender recipe from Rachael Ray (she’s my go-to since her meals are meant to be quick and easy to make). I used a jarred pasta sauce with some bowtie pasta as a compliment to the chicken. And, I finally made roasted green beans, a recipe I found on Pinterest forever ago and have been wanting to make from the moment I saw the picture. Green beans are probably my favorite food, so I love learning new and interesting ways to cook them and kick up the flavor!


Also, what is Italian food (or dinner in general) without wine?


It’s Friday! To be honest, this week sorta blew right by. I am not complaining. I have work tomorrow, but it’s Easter weekend, and I’m sure it will be lovely. I’m really waiting for next weekend though! 3 days of freedom. I have the 16th off, I took a vacation day, and it is and will be a much needed break from the norm. But that’s a while away. So I’ll just focus on the now!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!
And happy weekend y’all!

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