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Just a list of some things I’ve been diggin’ lately.

The Hunger Games. And not just the movie, though I loved that too! I made sure to read book before I saw it, and I just finished the final book on Sunday. I absolutely loved it. Very heavy material, but it was so well written and I care so much about the characters. I can’t wait to see the upcoming films. I’m especially excited to see who will be cast in them!
Fancy camera bags. There are a few different sites that make camera bags that look like beautiful purses. (See Jo Totes, Epiphanie, and Kelly Moore) If I had one of these bags, I’d actually be more inclined to have my camera on me at all times!
Twizzlers. I don’t know why, but lately I’m in love with those licorice twists. I could devour a bag in one sitting.
How I Met Your Mother. I’ve probably talked about the show numerous times on the blog, but it really is one of my absolute favorites. I find that I have to watch at least one episode before I go to bed or I feel incomplete. That might seem sad, but it keeps me with a smile on my face!
Cute Polish Nail Tutorials on YouTube. Her voice-overs are a little…interesting, but these videos are so helpful! I love nail art and blogs and Pinterest, but Cute Polish actually helps teach you how to do some really cute nail art step-by-step. I find that a lot more helpful than pictures on a blog.
Garnier Fructis’ BB Cream. I kept reading about BB Creams in all my magazines so I finally decided to try one. I absolutely love it. I’m not a big makeup wearer, so this stuff is great. My skin is hydrated and even-toned, and I just feel like I have a little bit of a glow. I’d recommend this to anyone! I have oily, sensitive skin that is prone to breakout and I haven’t had one issue with it!

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