4th of July weekend


What an excellent, satisfying, fun-filled weekend!! Kicked everything off with a bonfire, and some drinks and catching up with my friend Nicole at the casino (which needs to happen a bit more frequently!). Brad’s family had a 4th of July party on Sunday…and it poured rain for most of the day. However, we made the most of it, and spent a lot of time swimming in the rain and laughing hysterically. To end everything, I saw my first Kirby Park fireworks show. It was totally worth it. I don’t have the best pictures from the weekend, but I spent a lot of it living in the moment instead of carrying the camera around. And honestly, I preferred it that way (a lot of it had to do with the rain, though. Expensive cameras and thunderstorms don’t mesh!).

As always, I’m a little bummed to get back to the grind. But I only have four more work days to get through until vacation begins. It’s unreal but I am positively thrilled. I have laundry and packing and shopping to do before we hit the road after work on Friday. Lots to do, lots to keep me busy, before my week of freedom begins. Here’s to an excellent (and shorter!) week, you guys!!!

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