The Much Too Short Weekend

I may only have to work 4 hours on a Saturday, but sometimes it can feel like forever. And when it does, the weekend seems a lot shorter. I’m already back at work, and I literally just left the place. I’m thankful I’ll have the next two weekends off. That’s why I can’t complain much. It’s only every few weeks that I have to give up that morning. Once it’s over, I don’t have to think about it for a while.

Regardless, it’s always important to make the best of whatever time I have to myself. I spent a lovely night and day with Brad.


Saturday evening, we walked around the tiny campus of my Alma Mater, King’s College. This month (holy macaroni, it’s MAY already!), marks the two year anniversary of me graduating. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Sometimes, I feel like I’m on this long summer break, waiting to go back. I miss it all the time. Walking around the campus was nice, but part of me definitely felt like it was really over. Maybe it’s because everyone I loved there left with me. Regardless, it was always such a beautiful and peaceful place in the Spring.

We topped off the night with pizza, wings, and beer…you can’t go wrong. Spent Sunday around flea markets and yard sales. It was a quaint and pleasant break from a hectic week. I’ll admit it…I’m nervous for this week to come. I am already counting down the days ‘til next weekend, and I do hate that I wish away the majority of my week for two days of freedom. But what can you do? Whatever helps you through the tough times, I guess. Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful and stress-free week!

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