The Long Weekend

Wow. What an excellent weekend! Not that I had any doubts…but I guess I kind of did. The weather has been very wacky this year so far. Less than two months ago, we were still experiencing snow flurries and bundled up in our winter coats. Then, we didn’t really have much of a spring. Tons of cold and rainy and gray days, it was discouraging. I was starting to fret that this summer would not be as epic as last. But, this weekend was HOT and SUNNY. The rain came overnight and we were left with temps in the 80s to go about our days. I’m so excited for summer to finally and actually be here. BBQs, swimming all day, reading by the pool, driving around with the windows down…all of it.



Ice cold beer, macaroni and potato salads, grilled burgers with all the fixin’s, mixed drink concoctions, floating in the pool. I’m ready for this.

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