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For many, shoes are a guilty pleasure. There are girls who will fess up to owning more pairs than they need, spending obscene amounts on pairs that they’ll never wear again, and needing extra closet space just for their shoes. I have never been this way. With that being said, I do adore shoes. It’s just that I’ve always stuck with basic colors and styles (simple flats, Chucks, and a few different neutral boots) that go with any and everything. Okay, I DO have a few guilty pleasure pairs (not very practical, I know). And I certainly long for some shoes that I’ll never have, that I can’t afford with my kind of budget. ModCloth’s shoes are somewhere in between.  They aren’t Louboutins or Jimmy Choos by any means (we’re talking hundreds+ dollas for them suckas), but they aren’t Payless or Target, the stores I frequent the most for shoes under 30 bucks (what can I say? I’m a bargain hunter, I still live at home, and I’m extremely far from rich). It’s hard for me to spend more than 50 bucks on a pair of shoes, because I won’t even spend that much on a pair of jeans that I’d wear everyday (again, I’m cheap!).
But they’re more attainable. And cute. And seemingly comfortable and…well…that’s what window shopping is all about.



Sensing a pattern here? Easy breezy cutesy shoes, with comfortable heels, and an affinity for t-straps. If I got any of these shoes, I’d probably get the last pair because I know I would wear them. But I love heels. I feel so feminine in them, and I adore them on everyone else. Unfortunately,  I’ve always felt too tall, awkward, and uncomfortable over time. Above, the heels are mostly thick, seemingly everyday. My favorite pair? Numero uno. They would go with any and everything. Maybe one day I’ll feel confident enough to treat myself…

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