This weekend was too short, but still very sweet. Saturday, we had excellent warm weather and sunshine. But it was too was short-lived. I am tired and sick of the gray, gloomy, foggy, groggy weather that’s become the norm in NEPA. It’s exhausting. It’s hard to believe May is almost over when it still feels like I haven’t become acclimated with spring.

This weekend was the Fine Arts Fiesta in downtown Wilkes-Barre. Last time I went was in 2009, days before graduation (yes, it’d been two years…oy). The weather on Sunday when we went wasn’t ideal, but it was still an inspiring place to be nonetheless. I have slipped out of my photographic ways recently, and I’m ashamed. But I can honestly say that my location and the poor weather have definitely been detrimental to my motivation. I feel like I can only take so many pictures of the same neighborhoods and of trees without leaves. So, I really need to travel. And to focus on the kind of photography I really love: portraiture and capturing the moment.


The number one thing, though, is that I stop getting shy about taking out the camera. As I’ve come to realize, most people really don’t care if you take their picture (especially in these situations, where they PREFER it). I let my insecurity and fear get the best of me all too often.

In other news, I’m not so bummed out about the week ahead…mostly because I have good things to look forward to! A half-day on Wednesday, and a three-day weekend. Brad cutely suggested we set the alarm on Monday for normal our work wake-up call  just to remind ourselves that we can shut it off and sleep for another few hours. Mostly, I’m excited for that extra day, the breather. It’s so silly how much an extra day, 24 hours of your whole life, can make such a difference. I must admit, the only thing I’m nervous about is the damn weather! Last memorial day was spent floating in Brad’s pool on a raft and drinking cosmos. I’m nervous this won’t happen again. So, Mr. Sun, do make an appearance and stick around for a while. We all miss you and your company would be welcomed with open arms!

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