Esther Williams

A few months ago, on a whim, I decided to splurge and get this bathing suit from Mod Cloth. I am really into retro-style swimsuits that offer a modest yet sexy look. The high-waisted bottom is what cinched the deal, offering tummy coverage (and, therefore, no worries about chubby days) and an adorable shape. I didn’t realize until I received the thing in the mail that it was designed by Esther Williams. I also didn’t know who the heck she is. Cut to last week, skimming through TV channels at Brad’s house, when I stumble upon a little show about the career of Esther Williams…a beautiful swimming champion turned MGM actress in the 1940’s. She embodies that classic, retro swim gal look - the pin-up hair, the gorgeous bathing suits, and perfect makeup that wouldn’t run even as she swam and danced under the water.



I am desperately in love with the bathing suit three photos down. She should consider making a replica…

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