It’s always hard to say goodbye to the weekend, but this one is especially tough. Mostly because I will be working 6 days straight, but also because it was a fantastic weekend! Red Lobster date night with boyfriend, Blue Valentine viewing (Ryan Gosling, how I love thee), sleeping in, running fun errands, Sally Hansen nail polish strips (more on that later), wearing my H&M jumpsuit for the first time (I’ve had it since January), Mexican food with the family, casino night (I actually left with more money, a rarity!), and a lazy Sunday filled with food.


It’s my birthday on Thursday! Funny enough, I could care less. I’m actually hoping this week goes by quickly…but I’ll make it through. And I’m sure there will be plenty of lovely things that will make the otherwise long and poopy week go by at a nice and easy and painless pace. Hope you all have a very happy Monday and that your week is fantastic!

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