(Photo by Brad)

I had a quaint, quiet, perfect little weekend. After a stressful week (I made it stressful, that’s what I do),  it was so nice to find myself with an open-book weekend. I always love plans and events and things to look forward to, but it’s so important to take it easy as often as possible. Another bonus was having the whole weekend to spend with Brad…cuddling is an instant mood booster. I know it’s silly, and we don’t really have a long distance relationship compared to other people, but it’s frustrating to be apart from someone so important to you. Especially when you know their presence would make any day easier/better. Stupid schedules/living situations/work locales/gas prices. Anyway…

Weekend: Catching up with friends for drinks at the coziest, cutest bar. Sleeping in. Diner breakfast. Playing with a Konica camera. Enjoying bare legs and sunshine. Words with Friends. Lindemans Peche Lambic beer. 30 Rock marathons. Iced Caramel Macchiato. Multiple family dinners. Conversation. Cuddling. Laughing.

Here are some photos of weekend activities via Instagram for the iPhone…




  1. Brad’s excellent stir-fry
  2. An attempt at capturing the cozy bar interior
  3. The old-school Konica camera (possibly a birthday present) I played with this weekend!
  4. The rustling of green leaves…one of the most peaceful things
  5. An amazing iced caramel macchiato
  6. Swingin’

As always, I’ll be checkin’ off the days until Friday (so sad, I know). The countdown begins for my week-long vacation in July, though! In exactly two months, I will be lounging on the beach. Good things to look forward to, always…

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