Surprise! It’s Friday!

So, the weekend is here! I’m very thankful, because I will be celebrating my birthday a little early with my family (actual birthday is next Thursday, the 19th). Favorite Mexican restaurant and casino! Both firsts for my dad. Couldn’t be more excited to show him a glimpse into my weekend world. Aside from that, I plan on sleeping in and just taking my days of freedom at a nice, slow, easy pace. Since next week will be longer and a bit more hectic, I’m thankful for this restful weekend right in front of me.

On a different note…I cut my hair! Perhaps you remember this post? Well, I went a bit further with the cut.


I’m aware this isn’t the best picture, but this is fresh from the hairdresser. I can’t wait to play around with it. It’s the perfect length for me…short enough that I can’t always resort to a ponytail but long enough that I’m not shocked from the change. I was getting sick of the same ol’ same ol’ and, when it comes down to it, long hair isn’t really…me. (I know, you were dying to know that!)

It’s about that time to wish you all a fabulous weekend, whether you’re partying until the sun comes up or lazing your days away in bed! As always, here’s a song to kick off your weekend. Enjoy!

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