Happy List


The week is almost over, and I have two days of lounging and relaxing stress-free to look forward to! Unfortunately, I fear the work days are going to go a little slow. But, I’ve already tackled the majority of the week! It’s all about perspective. So, it calls for a list of happy things…

  • The blossoms on the trees (they won’t be there much longer!)
  • Used book sales/stores. I always find good reads (Current reading material).
  • 30 minutes on the elliptical listening to the Indie Dance station on Pandora Radio
  • Looking back at old photos (memories, and feeling slightly proud of some of my work)
  • Vacation countdown (64 days…46 of those that I have to work!)
  • Leftover Easter candy
  • I get to wake up next to Brad in a couple of days!
  • Helpful people (thanks to a kind woman, I was able to order some cheap extra pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical finally)
  • My birthday (not that I celebrate much) is in two weeks
  • New music to obsess over (even if it’s Glee covers)

Despite some issues along the way, I’ve been able to stay mostly positive. That’s all you really can do. Just look for the good in everything. Stressing and worrying only makes things worse…I’m learning that the hard way.

We’re almost there, guys! Stay strong!

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