Definitive Music

We all have favorite bands and singers that we continue to follow throughout their career and our lives. But what about particular albums that stand out, whether or not we continue to follow the artist? I definitely believe that everyone has a few albums that define a time in their lives. One song can transport you back to those days emotionally and mentally. I have quite a few of these. A “For Instance” would be Ace of Base’s album The Sign, which is one of the first cassette tapes we ever bought and that my sister and I tortured my parents with on our first ever family vacation to the Jersey Shore. But the one I’ve had in my mind lately is Carina Round’s album The Disconnection. I never got into any of her other music (maybe I should try…), but this 9-track album is one of my favorites from start to finish. When I first heard it, I was days away from starting my senior year of high school. Summer was ending. I was falling in love for the first time. I was growing up little by little, with future planning to consider. My sister had heard Carina Round’s music on some late night TV show and bought it without hearing much. Thank God she did…it is a truly excellent album and I have yet to meet anyone else who knew of it before I played it for them.

Here’s a few good songs…but they are all good. It’s hard to just pick one.

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