My Hair and Me

Any frequent (2) readers out there may have noticed I am usually having issues with my hair. I’ve done quite a few posts about it overtime, mostly about my indecisiveness towards growing it out versus cutting it (here’s a good example). I guess I kept thinking I either had to keep growing it super long or cut it all right off. I didn’t think about doing anything  in between. But it hit me suddenly. Last Spring and Summer held some of the greatest times of my life, and not just because I was spending it by the pool and around friends and falling in love again. I had the perfect hair for my low-maintenance and length needs. I didn’t have to stress about it 24/7.


I think once I get past a certain point, I just can’t handle the ‘do anymore. I’m at that point. Granted, I haven’t had a haircut or trim or anything since before Christmas. But it’s just falling flat. The bangs I once had just don’t do it for me anymore. There’s no shape…no punch or POW. I’ve always been one for layers, something to mess with. And I remembered my hair around this time until the end of summer and it hit me: I should go back to that look.

It may seem like nothing special…and it’s not. Just a lot of layers (mostly because I was still in the process of awkwardly growing out some old pixie layers) and bangs that would eventually be long enough to bobby pin and twist off to the side, something I’m really hoping to do soon enough. I enjoyed having longer bangs. There’s a lot more versatility, and many ways to make them look shorter than they are.


I know, you’re like WHY DID I HAVE TO LOOK AT HER FACE SO MANY TIMES? But there’s a common thread here…I’M SMILING! Ok, maybe not so much in the top picture, but I love my hair in these photos. It’s silly, I know, but I’m so glad it hit me. I’m a little nervous about cutting it and shedding a few inches, especially since the looks above only really came from a couple of shape-up trims that were already at the length. I don’t know if it can be matched. But this is what works for me. It’s long enough that I feel feminine and I can style it in many ways. But it’s short enough that it doesn’t have to be under the hair dryer or in the irons for very long, saving my hair the dreaded fried and dry look. Also, because my hair can get thin, having a bit of a shorter length plumps it up. It’s the perfect solution, especially with humidity and heat just around the corner. Not sure when I’m going to schedule the appointment, but I’m glad I’ve finally decided what to do. I may not be able to do milkmaid braids or complicated up-dos afterwards (like I’m even doing them now…), but I know that I will feel like me.

And that’s the most important thing.

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