It’s Friday! (Damn you, Rebecca Black)

I don’t know about you, but expressing  joy about the arrival of Friday was ruined a little by this stupid song. Catchy? Sure. But very similar to torture. I can’t get excited about the weekend without feeling like I’m quoting the lyrics! Anyway, Friday is here! (I worked last Saturday, which means I have the next two off and I’m very thankful indeed for a full two day weekend) This Friday in particular is bittersweet…I’ll be heading to my favorite Mexican restaurant with my dear friends for margaritas and burritos and all-you-can-eat chips and salsa, but it’s one last hurrah before one of my best friends departs for Texas on Monday (I’m sad, to say the least). More on that later…

The rest of the weekend has yet to really unfold. All I can hope for is some nice weather, relaxation, and good food and drinks.

I send you off to have a lovely weekend with this fantastic song by The Cure! It’s one of my dad’s favorites and became a Spring anthem for me back in high school (and eventually one of the reasons I became a huge Cure fan).
The Cure are largely known for their gothic and melancholy music in the 80s. And that stuff is fantastic.
But when Robert Smith gets happy…he really gets happy. Love them.

Enjoy yourselves!!!

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