Burger Frenzy


A little more than a year ago, I spent a little weekend in Philly with my sister. I’m sad to say that that was the last overnight trip I took to Philly. Maria is graduating from college in less than 2 months…and I’m not sure I’ll get to have another great experience like this. Granted, I have plenty of reasons to head to Philadelphia, and I plan on using any of them to visit as much as possible.

Anyway, the main point of this post is that I cannot stop craving burgers! And, unfortunately, not just any burger will do. It’s tough to find great burgers. The sandwich itself has become an easily accessible food item. Drive to any fast food joint and you can purchase one by shelling out the change you find in the caverns of your car seat. Mostly they just come off as boring. But if you find a great place to eat one, the burger can become an exciting and new experience with so many options to choose from. Enter Bobby’s Burger Palace, a place I’ve only been to once but still dream about often.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is like a more evolved fast food joint. Order at the register, take your number, pick a seat, and someone brings you your food. There is a great selection of delicious burgers for a great price. To top it off, you can add potato chips (“crunchify”) to every burger…and I highly recommend you do.

The icing on the cake for me, though, is the sweet potato fries. I’m sort of picky about my fries…another food item that has been downgraded to become cheap, easy, and similar to cardboard. I need kick, flavor, good texture. Sweet potato fries are mellow in flavor, but I have yet to taste one I didn’t like. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can easily find in my area.

I don’t know when I’ll get to go to Bobby’s Burger Palace again, but I really plan on it being at some point this year.
And I need to get to Philadelphia more often…and frequently.

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