Reasons to smile this week…

The last couple of weeks have been tough for various reasons. I could go on and on about all of the sucky things that went down but, when it comes down to it, there are so many great things in my life that outshine that meaningless junk…

cuteeeeeMy mom posted the above picture on my Facebook wall…not sure where she got it from, but it’s perfect for my life right now…

  • I did a bunch of online shopping last week to ease my sad heart over Brad going to Vegas. Everything came in this week, and I’m happy to report that each item actually fits! (I did shopping at Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, and this bathing suit came in yesterday)
  • Black and White Polka Dots. From my new bathing suit to a recent Salvation Army purchase to Victoria’s Secret, I am obsessed with the print. Any polka dots would do, I’m sure, but black and white are classic and retro, a look I cannot get enough of right now.
  • My new Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush. Not only is the brand trusty and reliable for my fickle, sensitive skin, but this product really does put me in a better mood. It gives my cheeks the perfect rosy flush, smells so delicious and soothing, and is happy just to look at with it’s bubble heart design, bright pink packaging, and adorable pink and red brush.
  • Chobani Greek Yogurt is delicious. I’ve been buying one each day as dessert for my lunch.
  • Since Daylight Savings Time this past Sunday, the sun has peeked it’s head out a little more. The weather is even warming up little by little. I feel Spring right around the corner.
  • I made a little step in life that will solve silly problem I created for myself. I’ll admit, I’m nervous. But I feel like everything will be better because of it. And I feel a bit more mature and adult.
  • My Tuesdays consist of sitting on a sectional couch with my closest friends watching Glee and other random TV in our sweatpants. There’s lots of laughing and talking and forgetting about everything crappy,
  • Styling my hair without styling it. Twisting my half-dry hair into a bun and getting effortless waves. Anything that makes it look presentable without really even trying.
  • Finally seeing Brad last night. We’ve gone longer without seeing each other before…but for some reason, this time was hard. We made tacos, watched the last bit of How I Met Your Mother DVDs, and took a nap watching 30 Rock. Lovely. I adore my cute boy.
  • Planning my Date Night outfit on Friday.
  • Planning Date Night in general. I have to work on Saturday, and normally that would bring me down. But I refuse to let a 4 hour block of work cut into a perfectly good Friday night.

I hate how easy it is to let one negative aspect of life ruin many great things. I want to start kicking that habit. If you’re going through the same thing, I highly suggest pushing aside all the negative thoughts to write down a list of anything, even the smallest of things, that puts a smile on your face. You might surprise yourself by finding that list is longer than you thought.

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