Hey Shorty.

March has arrived and, though it has the tendency of being a very finicky month weather-wise, the appearance of sun and blue skies has already left me daydreaming of the warm weather soon to come. Around this time of year (and it’s official now), I get incredibly sick of jeans. I try my best to wear skirts and tights and change it up but it’s very tough in the cold, single digit weather an NEPA winter brings. When it comes down to it, you need to be sensible, right? So it’s time to look ahead and start rotating leggings and skirts and dresses.

Shorts may seem like more of a summer option, but I believe they can be spring-y too. I think a lot of people are undecided about the shorts/tights look. I’ve done it with denim, wool, corduroy and even sequin shorts. Ultimately, it depends on the look you want to convey. But I’m very willing to try all my shorts with tights and over-the-knee socks for the coming season.

I perused the Forever 21 site and found quite a few adorable (and as always, affordable) pairs! It’s safe to say that I’m starting to stray away from the denim shorts. I already have a couple of reliable pairs that have stood the test of time. As my closet grows with skirts and dresses, I tend to gravitate towards them. But when skirts become too short or too dressy, a pair of nice patterned shorts can give the same effect while being comfortable and a bit more modest.




It’s not hard to guess what styles I’m into this round. Fun prints will dress up casual tees and tanks, and I adore the nautical high-waisted look of button plackets. It screams ‘50s pin-up, which is one of many looks I admire and envy.

Spotted Woven Shorts – 14.80
Floral Woven Shorts – 17.80
Herringbone Nautical Short – 17.80
Roses Garden Matelot Shorts – 10.50
Striped Linen-Blend Shorts – 15.80

All shorts and pictures from Forever 21

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