Nerdy Pretty Things

Let’s face it…we all have a little nerd in us. I’ve enjoyed quite a few video games and comic books in my time, not to mention the fact that I can’t be seen without my iPhone in hand. Enter Meninos, a site with plenty of products that will allow you to wave your Geek Flag proudly. Mucho thanks to Brad for showing me the site!!meninosghostlamp

Pac-Man Ghost Lamps

meninostapematsCassette Tape Doormats (sold separately)

meninos8bithanger8-bit Hanger

meninosiphonecoastersiPhone app coasters

The cassette doormats and iPhone coasters are my favorites. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), a lot of the things on the site are sold out. There’s plenty more to look at and geek over, though, so check it out!

Click on the photos for a direct link to the product’s individual website!!

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