The Weekend…

What a great weekend! Just what the doctor ordered after such a crazy week. I have to admit, it was nice to know I wasn’t alone in having a stressful and crappy week last week. Of course I don’t want my friends to be stressed! But it allows me to think it must have been something in the air…not just me. Regardless, it was my first full weekend in what feels like forever. As much as I like having set plans and things to look forward to, an open book weekend is equally excellent and that’s what this one was like. So this weekend consisted of…

  • eating out for every meal. And every meal was excellent.
  • catching up with my friend Jared at the smokiest bar (my old college haunt) and then seeing him again on Saturday night. Hoping to see more of his face in the future!
  • sleeping in two days in a row. I get the best sleep next to Brad…shocking, right?
  • a drive to the Tannersville outlets with good music and wearing our sunglasses.
  • gambling a little and losing, but it was still fun.
  • Brad randomly pulling over to take pictures of an otherwise overlooked spot.
  • The Mighty Boosh on DVD.
  • La Tolteca (my favorite Mexican restaurant around these parts) with the usual gang.

Unfortunately, there is still snow on the ground in NEPA, not to mention the fact that it was positively ice cold this weekend. I am so ready for actual spring weather. I’m reading for blooming trees and plants. I’m hoping April (which is arriving this week already, oy!) brings some warmth and sunshine with it. For now, here are some pictures I took when Brad pulled over to the side of the road…


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