Swimsuit Edition

The wintery wind is going crazy outside and temperatures are freezing. Despite (or because of) that, I couldn’t help but look up some new bathing suits online and daydream of heat waves to come. In general, I adore retro, pin-up looks. Polka dots are a particular favorite. And while the look is quite sexy, the cuts tend to remain rather modest. I don’t have what they call a “bikini body".” I may not be overweight but I am not toned. I prefer to keep myself covered, as I feel more comfortable and confident that way. I still adore my Jantzen find and my yellow polka-dot bikini from last summer, but it’s always nice to grab a new suit for the season. These retro-inspired looks hit the spot.





Again, there’s a pattern. Since I already have a one-piece, I would adore a two piece with a high-waisted bottom. I love that they accentuate curves and hide your belly button…the tummy area can be a tricky one. And the suit in the last photo is reversible!

The top two are from ModCloth and the bottom two are from Anthropologie.  None of them are in my price range. It does seem, though, that the cheaper you get your bathing suits is equivalent to how easily worn they become. Just something to consider (or a clever way to trick myself into think it’s okay to spend nearly 100 dollars or more on a bathing suit).

EDIT: I ended up ordering the polka dot number at the top on Friday. Hopefully it will fit well (or be easily exchangeable if not)…I just couldn’t pass it up.

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