Outfit Post : Pajama Chic


The first day of Spring was 10 days ago, but it has yet to actually arrive (And why yes! They are calling for a snowstorm this Friday!). This past Saturday was especially chilly, but all of my jeans were in the hamper, and I had to make due with some winter-unfriendly clothing. I call this outfit “pajama chic”. I didn’t really want to look like I was in pajamas, but I had a limited supply of warm clothing in my overnight bag this weekend. Despite that, the look sort of worked anyways. I’m wearing a Target tee under a Gap sweater. The pants, boots, and sunglasses are from Forever 21. I received the pants and sunglasses in the mail on Friday. I bought both items the previous Friday, when they were donating 100% of each dollar to Japan (along with a few other goodies sure to make their way onto the blog soon enough). I can’t wait to wear these pants again on a breezy warm day with some oversized tanks or gauzy t-shirts.

I’m officially sick of the cold weather. I’m ready to bust out and rock all the skirts and shorts and capris and dresses that I’ve been purchasing in the last few months. I’ve come to the realization that I don’t ever shop for winter. My gear for cold weather is everything I’d wear any other season of the year with a cardigan over top or some thermals underneath. It’s safe to say that I am a Spring/Summer/Fall girl. I’d be quite content if winter lasted only a month…(I don’t mind it at first, but it gets old fast).

Anyway, I’m going to try and incorporate an outfit post regularly. In college, getting dressed was probably my favorite part of the day. I don’t get to wear whatever I want to work, so the weekends are prime ME time. Creating outfits is a big part of who I am, so I’d like to share it when I have the opportunity to. And with the weather (hopefully) warming up, I will have more creative freedom
and less drowning in and hiding behind a long, black, puffy jacket.

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