Almost There…

So, I can’t believe it…it’s Thursday already! Only one more day ‘til the weekend. Woo! A little recap…

  • Monday morning I got to wake up next to Brad. This is rare, but I was needed at the main office first thing in the morning, and my boy luckily lives 5 minutes away. It made my Monday much more tolerable…especially since I went there right after work as well.
  • Tuesday, I called off sick. I have a crazy, hypochondriac mind and I always assume the worst. But thankfully, I went to the doctor, had all my questions answered, and am now in the process of getting better. I always have a lot of guilt about taking sick days, but I am really glad I did this one. It’s so important for your body and your mind to rest when you are getting/sick (and it usually helps you get better faster!). Knowing what you can do to make the healing process faster helps too!
  • Wednesday, we got a delay due to inclement weather. Instead of the usual 8:30 opening, we didn’t open ‘til 10. Needless to say, I reset my alarm and slept for another 90 minutes. Despite the fact that the day was shorter, it dragged. Torturous. But that brings me to where I am now…

To some, it might seem like an easy week. In a way, I guess, it has been. But being sick can be an annoying job in a way, something you have to be careful with and take care of. And, though the delay was very nice indeed, I am absolutely sick of the snow. For real. I know the weather isn’t going to get warmer anytime soon…but it’s Spring now, you guys. SPRING. And not just because there was a warm day last week. It’s actually the season of Spring. So I’m done with gray days, slushy roads, and leafless trees. I’m ready for blue skies and budding gardens. I’m ready for sunlight and longer days.





Here are some pictures I took on Sunday, the first day of Spring, when it was nice to be outside. I used the new Tejas lens (part of the SXSW Freepak) in the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. I can’t wait to get back out there…

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