The Weekend

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty nervous how this weekend would turn out. I hate to be clingy, but the weekends are my prime Brad time. We may not be as long-distance as other relationships, but regardless it’s very hard to be apart from the one you love. Days, weeks, months…it all sucks. Regardless, I still had a pretty great weekend.

My best friend Rafter came to visit on Friday. I took him to Five Stars, a Chinese restaurant near my house, with Maria and Josh. We also snagged some Sonic for dessert and blasted The Lonely Island.


Being around him makes me extremely happy. We’ve been through thick and thin, and I can completely be myself around him. We always have a great time, laughing and making ridiculous jokes. So I’m very thankful he came to see me, even though he didn’t have to, on his way to another city close by.

The rest of the weekend was spent equal parts laying in bed with my laptop and celebrating my sister’s 22nd birthday. Both of which were very enjoyable. I never get too much time to stay in my PJs, even with Brad. We are usually out and about doing things. So relaxing, organizing my room a teensy bit, and watching crappy TV shows on Netflix hit the spot. But, for Maria’s birthday, we got dinner at Olive Garden and had plenty of drinks at the casino on Saturday, and ended it all with hibachi dinner on Sunday and, of course, cake and ice cream.



Despite being content with everything, I’m ready to have Brad back from Vegas, safe and sound. His flight was delayed a day, so I won’t be seeing him as soon as I had hoped. Massive bummer. I’m getting antsy to see him! I’m also hoping that, because of daylight savings time,w e will have longer days the weather will get warmer. Brad and I both have cameras we want to use, and I’m just ready for sunshine in my life in every possible way.

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