The weekend and love…

This weekend was exactly what I needed. I had no plans, just a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants attitude. And that always leads to plenty of relaxation and joy.

Casino trip. Sweet potato fries. Diner breakfast. Salvation Army thrifting. Discovering that the Blockbuster I worked at for two years is closing. Driving out of town to rent movies. Cheese fries and wings from Tommy’s simply because being in the area made us crave it. Naptime. Barnes and Noble. Iced Green Tea. Weird and random Target purchases. Wegmans shopping for snacks. Brad’s new Canon 7D. Edamame. Organic chicken dumplings. Ghirardelli Turtle Brownies. Biore Pore Strips. Sleeping in. More brownies. Leftover wings. E! channel. 127 Hours and Love and Other Drugs. Wendy’s Frostys.


This is when Brad told me he was cleaning things up. but actually watching some alien show on the History Channel.

It was tough leaving Brad’s house. A wintry mix started, which was so disappointing since the sun has been shining and it was a little warmer yesterday. It also doesn’t help that it’s back to work tomorrow, and Brad is heading to Vegas this week. I won’t be seeing him until after next week. Considering we pretty much only get the weekends, I’m sad. But Maria’s birthday is Sunday, so we will be doing plenty of celebrating. And it’s always nice to have some downtime at home. So, hey!

I’m glad I got this fantastic weekend. I cried a lot. Sometimes sad. Sometimes from the movies. Sometimes just because I realized how lucky I am. It’s nice to have such a lovely someone.

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