Mini Mini Mini Hiatus.


My mom decided to give me the sweetest Valentine’s Day present.
She went on my computer, even though she got her own little laptop for Christmas, and gave it a virus.

Obviously, she didn’t intentionally do it (all she wanted to do was look at some link to a picture of cute puppies with bacon in their mouths…wouldn’t you want to, too?). And we’re pretty much just laughing about it at this point. But regardless, I’ve been very frustrated trying to figure out the whole thing. I don’t have the funds for a Mac, but usually my Dell doesn’t let me down. And so far, things are looking up. But I’m trying to take a breather from doing too much on the computer, in the off chance I screw it up more or allow things to get out of hand. Besides, it has been a rather boring week over here. I’m very excited, however, for the weekend. I have Monday off, so Brad and I will be relaxing for 3 days. Aside from some charity bowling (just a couple of hours out of my free time), I’ll be enjoying lots of cuddling and relaxing and shutting my brain off.

I hope you have an excellent weekend as well (and rest of the week!)

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