Another one bites the dust…

The week is over, though not necessarily for me. I have to work every third Saturday. It’s only 4 hours, so I shouldn’t complain (and I’ll proceed to have the next two off), but it cuts into sleeping-in-cuddling-watching-random-TV-diner-breakfast-relaxation-time (some of which I didn’t get enough of last weekend, even though I had a full 3 days). Regardless, the fact that it’s Friday puts a little skip in my step. The weekend, while short, should prove to be pretty sweet. Maria’s boyfriend (who is practically my brother) had his birthday this week, so we will be celebrating at the Bounce Funplex, which I’m both plenty excited and nervous about. And Sunday is my personal favorite award show…really the only one I watch and the only one I believe counts…The Oscars! I’ll be watching from my house, in the comfiest of comfy clothes, with my family, Riunite Lambrusco and plenty of cheese and dip and other tasty treats.

Holga 003

I’m currently running on empty. I’m exhausted and frazzled and body is pretty much reflecting my inner emotional and mental turmoil. Hopefully, though it’s only a day and a half, this weekend will recharge me.

Hope you have an excellent one!!!

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