The Weekend

Wow. Despite the fact that I had a long, 3 day weekend this round, it felt shorter than some of the weekends I’ve had to work! Perhaps that’s because it was so unexpected and impromptu and busy and crazy. A list…

  • Friday buffet and quick drink with friends from home before heading to Brad’s
  • Drinks with Brad and his dad, blasting music from The Temptations and the like
  • Trip to IKEA (My first time)
  • Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries lunch at IKEA (Delish)
  • Stop at home to catch up with Maria and Josh
  • Food and drinks at Bottlenecks’ with Maria, Josh, and some home friends (catching up with Mike, who is moving back home and who I’ve missed dearly)
  • Charity bowling with coworkers (catching up with Nicole, whom I haven’t seen in months…it was so nice to see her!)
  • Quick outfit change and off to a cute Italian restaurant in a cute town for Brad’s grandfather’s birthday (location over an hour away)
  • A surprise call from Lauren, who was in town for the long weekend, to possibly hang out
  • Casino, plenty of Woodchuck, gambling (no winning), and late night talks with Lauren at Brad’s house
  • Waking up to over half a foot of snow (ready for Spring already!)
  • How I Met Your Mother marathon
  • Saying goodbye to Brad, who is off to Philly for business for the next day
  • Purchased mini cheesecake…unwinding

I’m not used to so much activity in such a little amount of time. I never got to relax because I always had something going on within the first couple hours of waking up. But I got to see lots of friendly faces, and I can’t complain. I’d rather be busy doing the things I was doing than actually work.



Here’s to a good (and slightly shorter) week ahead!!!

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