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I’ve always wanted to do a “Look inside my purse” post, but it was my friend’s new blog (check it out!) that gave me the final push. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not super exciting…but it’s a little glimpse to my life.


The bag itself is nothing super special or expensive. I have a tendency to use the same purse over and over until it’s ripped and shredded and completely unusable. I bought this bag about a month or so ago at Ross, because my previous purse had holes inside (I was constantly losing keys) and was chipping on the outside. I fell in love with the soft texture and the multiple pockets and pouches. I immediately imagined throwing in my cameras and film comfortably, along with the regular purse products, and that’s what sealed the deal. So now, a look inside.


These are belongings currently in the front pouches of the purse…

  1. My Zune. Maybe you’ll find this odd, but I have never owned an iPod in my life (I do not count the iPhone, because I don’t use it as such). This was given to me for free by my friend’s ex (though he wasn’t her ex at the time). I’m really lucky to have a working MP3 player I didn’t have to pay a cent for.
  2. These are the two camera phone lenses I got for Christmas from Photojojo! One is a fisheye, the other is a 2 in 1 wide angle/macro lens. I love them both, but I haven’t used them as much as I’d like. It’s a pain because I have to take my phone case off every time I want to use one.
  3. This is a mini composition book I use to write all sorts of things in. Mostly grocery store lists, or things I want to do, or even little blog ideas I have when I’m not by the computer and am afraid I’ll forget.
  4. This cloth cleans my eyeglasses. Super boring, but I wear my glasses to work every single day and I’d be lost (or blurry-visioned) without it.


This is the inside of the bag.

  1. I threw this camera guide in my purse as soon as I got done putting my baby together. I like having it nearby, even if I don’t always refer to it.
  2. A cheap pair of sunglasses from Target. It’s important to always have sunglasses…I hate squinting.
  3. This is my iPhone. I don’t always have it inside the purse…it’s kind of always in my hand. The case is from Uncommon. It’s my second case in about half a year…but at least it was the case that broke and not my phone :) .
  4. This is a little, simple, dollar store pouch I got years ago. I use it to store all my girly belongings that I don’t want floating around in my purse. The two items inside I use most are on top. I am lost without Clean and Clear Oil Blotters. And, though I still stand by my Rosebud Salve, I recently fell in love with EOS lip balms (So much so that Brad’s V-Day treat for me was an egg carton filled with a variety of them). Cute, small, perfectly contoured, and very soothing. Most lip balms are sticky or waxy…not so with this sucker. Plus, the circular shape is a conversation starter and the scents are fantastic.
  5. Diana Mini. The random camera in my purse changes depending on what I currently have loaded with film. And I am also in love with her and can’t wait to get more film developed!
  6. Nasal Spray. Sexy, right? Ever since my surgery in October, it’s been a staple. And in the cold, dry, winter weather months, it’s a godsend.
  7. Pocketo wallet from Target. As soon as I saw this, I had to have it. Love the colors and the designs. It’s also got tons of slots and pockets so I can fit my cards and check register and money and movie tickets and things I like to keep.
  8. Random mustache from a coin machine. I have yet to open it, but I can’t get myself to take it out of the purse, even though it’s been in there since before Christmas. You never know when you’ll need a fake ‘stache.
  9. Burt’s Bees Beeswax and Banana hand cream. This is heavy duty. I got it because regular lotion doesn’t work on my hands this time of year. It leaves the skin greasy for a tiny bit, but the yummy smell and softness afterwards are totally worth it, plus it still lasts after a good hand wash or two.
  10. A little crank flashlight I got from work. You never know when you’ll need it, so you have to be prepared!!!

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