It’s Kind of a Funny Story…

I just watched this movie this past weekend with Brad. I pretty much adored it.


I have a soft spot for movies or TV shows with relatable and realistic storylines and issues. I find depression and mental illness to be one of those things. It’s something I have had to deal with (though not necessarily to this great extent) and, more importantly, see loved ones deal with. I know this movie has sort of a fun, funny, imaginative and cool approach to some serious issues (and some really dealing with the tough stuff might not find it so funny). But I found myself smiling and giggling and empathizing and crying. I like when a movie can touch all those heart spots.

Also, it’s been a while since I saw a movie I enjoyed. I really need to start watching more movies anyways…I miss the days when I would gobble so many movies up. Then again, anyone would see so many movies when your job offered you 5 free rentals a week. Regardless, movie nights are something I’d like to reintroduce into my life, even if I do it alone.

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