Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (and other things I’m extremely awful at)

These days have been very stressful. I’m on edge, grumpy, cranky, and easily irritated. And while, yes, I enjoy focusing only on the good…why not write a ranting list to get it off my chest and move the heck on already?

  • Yes, my name is Michal Lynn. That’s my whole first name. Pronounced like Michael. And No…my father’s name isn’t Michael. So…just stop asking me all the time. It’s been 23 years of this crap already (ask my parents instead, I didn’t name myself). I’m done.
  • It would be really nice to sleep at least 7 hours every night. And for the whole night, instead of having horrible nightmares and occasional bathroom trips shake me out of it all too often.
  • My beautiful Fuji Instax 7s has been on the fritz. The flash won’t work, so pictures don’t turn out. I have yet to try it in the daylight (though the flash is always meant to go off), but regardless, I’ve had it less than a year, I still have packs of film left for it, and I didn’t do anything to hurt it.
  • I’m really, painfully, harmfully lazy. So, I should’ve called about the camera and have it sent out to be checked already since there’s a year warranty. And I should’ve cleaned my room a dozen times. And I should’ve done so many other things…I know, I know.
  • It’s really annoying to live 30 minutes away from the person you are dating. I know there are people who endure way worse (how did my sister and her boyfriend manage for months at a time, states apart, for real?), but on days like these, it’d be so nice to take a quick drive over, cuddle for an hour, and go back to whatever else I need to be doing.
  • How did I become friends (on Facebook, as well) with so many teachers? It has been rough seeing Snow Day statuses while I struggled with all my might to get out of bed and into work.
  • Have I mentioned the WEATHER?

Well…that felt better. I’ve noticed February has been a depressing month via blog thus far. Once this week is over, I have plenty of wonderful things to look forward to and you can bet your bottom dollar all will be well in this world again. I just gotta kick the next few days in the ass.

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