Reasons to smile this week…

It’s been a rough week thus far. Adjusting back from the holidays, half days, and shorter weeks. To top it off, a couple of things shifted around and changed at work, and it’s going to take some getting used to. However, every cloud has a silver lining, eh? So, instead of dwelling too hard on the negatives, I’ll look at the positives.

  • Snuggling in my Slanket before bed
  • Parks and Recreation Season 2 on DVD
  • Sunshine (even if it’s still cold out)
  • Watching Buffy with my friends
  • My dance exercise DVDs
  • Midweek dinner date with Brad (my treat!)
  • Frozen yogurt, even after cleaning my plate at dinner
  • Payday
  • No work on Saturday
  • Knowing my Saturday schedule for the year (I no longer have to work more than one in a row…more free time and weekend trips to follow!)
  • Happiness and love so strong, my heart could burst


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