Little Miss Matched

Since it’s winter, I am very adamant about layers. I hate being cold, so I wear thermals of some sort nearly everyday, and I am passionate about socks. Knee socks are usually my go-to, since they cover half of the legs. So, the other day, my mom realized I was wearing said knee socks and showed me these Little Miss Matched socks she purchased but never who to give them to…she’s like that, always thinking about other people :) . The concept is quite adorable. Instead of buying a pair of two, you get three socks. Each has a different design, so you can make a few different, mismatched pairs. I automatically fell in love.


Cut to last night. I’m watching the Jersey Shore (yes, I watch and enjoy that show…we’re all aware of the hot mess) and I see Snooki wearing them! I don’t plan on showing my socks off much, but it’s fun to play around and make an otherwise boring and necessary thing fun! Check out the site…it’s so adorable. They have all kinds of socks if knee-highs aren’t your thing. (And also, I understand if Snooki wearing theses socks might be a bit of a turn off. But I swear they are adorable.)

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