I’ve been in the process of re-vamping my wardrobe lately, and I must say it has been quite successful. I still have a bunch of clothes to go through and donate so that I don’t keep clogging my closet. And there are still some key items I would like. I’ve been trying to go for a put-together, feminine look lately. I still love jeans, bright colors, strange fabrics, and mismatched patterns. But I’d like to do all of that with a lot more skirts and tights thrown in the mix.





Most days, I wake up, put on the teensiest bit of makeup, my glasses, a messy ponytail, and the same few pairs of pants and shirts for work (I loathe business casual). When I put together an outfit, I feel better. Happier. Girlier. Comfortable. Like myself.

I was looking at the dresses above on Forever 21. Dresses are quite perfect. One item that’s a whole outfit in itself and can be changed with tights or shoe choice or scarves or jewlery or jackets or sweaters. I definitely need some more of these.

Freezing cold temperatures and gray skies be damned.

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