Rockabye Baby!

Have you heard of these lullaby albums, Rockabye Baby! ? Basically, it’s the amazing concept of taking your most beloved artists and a bunch of their best tunes and turning them into lullabies for your offspring. I may not have a child of my own, and I also don’t babysit or have any babies around on a regular basis, but I stumbled onto these during my sophomore year of college, when I saw there is a Radiohead rendition. I listened to it out of curiosity and actually fell in love. Relaxing, melodic, peaceful versions of my favorite songs…I still love this album. My mom recently bought the Bob Marley and Pixies versions and they are great background music after a long rough day of work…

I guarantee you’ll find an album you’d want to share with your little one someday. Or just enjoy them yourself.

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