It’s Friday!

What a week…the end is already here! And frankly, I couldn’t be more excited. It’s going to be tough getting back to the 5 day grind next week. Wah. But, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. This one should be good. I’ll be celebrating Dana’s birthday, and then spending all of Saturday and Sunday with Brad. We haven’t been seeing as much of each other as we would like, and next weekend I’ll be visiting Lauren in NY(!so excited!), so we want to make this one count. We’re trying to have a cheap weekend, so lots of cooking and TV and movies and board games and cuddling. I’m very excited to veg out. I love a nice, loud, social weekend…but it’s nice to keep it low-key…especially when you know the next one will be lacking in the sleep/peace/quiet/low-key department. To boot, the temperatures are expected to get into single digit territory.

Hello, Slanket!


Hope everyone has a fantastic, relaxing, fun, wild, and whatever you want it to be weekend!!!
Stay warm!

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