I have a problem…


Christmas Bonus time! So…I decided to buy,*SHOCKER*, another camera. This will be the last one for a while…I SWEAR!!!!

fujiinstax2Ugh…so cool! Cannot wait to play!
(I know I already have the Mini, too, and I adore it, but sometimes it’s nice to not have to squint to look at your photos…)

And also, not that I have to justify my behavior, but I always make sure to dot my Is and cross my Ts before I make such purchases. Money is saved, bills are paid, and I’m not at the bottom of some camera-induced debt which will cause me to be kicked out on the streets, with only my cameras on my back, begging people for money or, more likely, rolls of film to play with (yet).

Photos (and my purchase) from Photojojo!

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