Another weekend has come and gone…

I had a pretty fantastic (as per usual) weekend, but I couldn’t blog about it until today. I was too sad about it ending and I had to make sure I survived Monday, as I had been dreading it way more than usual. Gosh, I need a change of pace.

The highlights:

  • Bowling, pitchers of beer, and food for Dana’s birthday
  • Brad’s rendition of Steak Gorgonzola (so good, but I shouldn’t have put so much gorg on it)
  • Pepperidge Farm cookies
  • DVDs in bed
  • Craft Your Own 6-Pack at Wegman’s
  • Apples to Apples with couple-y friends



I think the weekend should be 5 days long and the work part should be 2 days. Life would be so much better that way…

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