Time Well Spent


I am aware that I’m lucky to have a job, some money, a way to pay my bills.
But I am completely uninspired with my job (and I don’t make enough money to save for a car or to get a place of my own, or even with other people!), mostly sitting in my chair, waiting for 4:30, hating that I spend 8 precious hours a day cooped up when I could be doing so much more with the time I get from day to day. I was sooooo bored yesterday, I made a list of all the un-boring things I could do if I didn’t have to work this job, or work at home, or not work at all (but, of course, be financially secure..wouldn’t that be nice?!).

I would perfect cooking and baking from scratch. (Or at least make more attempts to.)
I’d visit Farmer’s Markets regularly for fresh ingredients for whatever I’m making that day.
I would go for little photo walks and explore my neighborhood and new places.
I would start everyday with a nice breakfast, coffee or tea, and lovely music.
I would work on writing of all kinds. Blog posts, stories, maybe even article pieces.
I’d read as often as possible (which I do now) and start a monthly Book Club (which I want to do).
When it rains, I’d have movie or TV show marathon days.
I would make it a point to do exercise everyday, whether it be the gym, a bike ride or walk, or even take up a class.
I’d plan to host monthly dinner or cocktail parties with friends and family.
I’d learn to sew so I can fix thrift store pieces I buy that need a little tweaking.
I’d keep my house/apartment neat and organized and always add little pieces to make it cozy.

And yes, I’m aware I could and should do some of these things anyway.
But it’s hard when you’re tired after 8 soul-sucking, inspiration-killing hours and you only have evenings and weekends to work with.
And very little money.

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