Peach and Strawberry Sangria


For a while now, I’ve wanted to make my own sangria. Sangria is one of my go-to cocktails if I go out for dinner. Wine is always good, but toss some fruit and maybe a little liqueur in there and it’s extra-tasty! I’ve only ever had it when someone else made it, so I decided to have a go.
I purchased a bunch of “sangredients” as I like to call them now, and mostly followed this recipe for Peach and Strawberry Sangria.


My verdict? I think I could’ve used a little less peach schnapps. It made everything a bit sweeter than I’d usually prefer. Then again, I’m used to a red sangria. It definitely wasn’t a fail, but I definitely have some tweaking and perfecting to do.
But all that means is I get to play around and try some new recipes and tasty combinations!


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