Here’s one of many photos taken this weekend, specifically Saturday night. I had such a good time cutting loose with my friends. It waextremely necessary…last week was a bit painful for me. I am bored beyond all belief at work…days are hard to get through.
It’s time to move on, I just need to figure out how/where/what etc.

The good thing, though, is that once I bitch a bit about whatever is bothering me (or at least have some quiet downtime after work), everything melts away. I dread going to work in the way that anyone does. But I don’t bring home the drama or stress of work. In fact, on Friday, I did a lot of ranting and raving to my mom and to Brad about the crappy day I had. But after dinner, even though I thought about talking about work, I felt that I actually couldn’t. It had left me and there was nothing else to worry about.

I worked Saturday, but treated myself to a yummy Canteen 900 sandwich, finished the remaining episodes of The Inbetweeners on Netflix, took a nice nap, and spent all night (and early Sunday morning) having too much fun with some of the best people a girl could ask to know.  
It was all too short. But every moment was worth it.

Here’s to a better week this time around.

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